Improve your finances and borrow a $500 loan at 5.99% APR.

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Improve your finances and borrow a $500 loan at 5.99% APR.
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MoneyLion Plus Membership

Everything you need to upgrade your finances, all in a single membership

Do I qualify?
To get a MoneyLion Plus loan, you must be a MoneyLion Plus member. To join, you must:
Have a job that pays with direct deposit.
Have a checking account with a positive balance.
Make enough money to repay your loan.
Have a verifiable identity.
Live in an eligible state.
MoneyLion doesn’t consider your credit score when applying for Plus membership.
What makes MoneyLion Plus loans unique?

MoneyLion Plus loans are only one part of becoming a MoneyLion Plus member. Membership comes with access to a wide range of other financial services, including a personalized investment portfolio, credit score updates and 0% APR cash advances.
Plus membership costs $29 a month, in addition to a mimimim monthly deposit of $50 into your investment account. But you can earn your membership fee back — MoneyLion offers to deposit $1 into your investment account each day you log into its app.
What is a MoneyLion Plus loan?
A MoneyLion Plus loan is a credit builder loan. Credit builder loans are a type of low-interest, small-dollar personal loan that you can spend on anything. However, they’re primarily meant to improve your credit rating by establishing a history of on-time repayments.
It works the same way for all borrowers: Request a loan through the MoneyLion app and receive $500 at 5.99% APR with a year to pay it back. There are no prepayment penalties, so if you repay your loan within a month, you’d only pay $1.15 in interest and fees.
What are the benefits of MoneyLion Plus loans?

Funding in seconds. There’s no need to fill out an application when you’re already a member. And MoneyLion can deposit your loan directly into your checking account.
No credit check. This means two things: You don’t need good credit to qualify and it won’t temporarily hurt your credit rating.
No application after membership. You never have to apply for a MoneyLion Plus loan after you become a member.
Chance to improve your credit. These low-cost, small-dollar loans are meant to help you increase your credit score. MoneyLion claims that more than two-thirds of members improved their credit score by 20 points after 30 days.
Competitive rates. All members in good standing get the same 5.99% APR.

Other services that come with a MoneyLion Plus membership
Personalized investment portfolio
Free managed investment account
Free checking account
0% APR cash advances
Free credit monitoring and weekly credit score updates
$1 deposited into investment account for each day you log in
$25 rewards for healthy financial behavior
$5 to $2,000 bonuses for referring friends
Access to 5,500 free ATMs across the country
Access to the Plus Facebook community


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